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Mona Lisa Cucina

Come experience the exquisite tastes of Italy. Let Chef Dino's experience and mastery in the kitchen take your palette on a journey to exquisite flavors. The only thing that may outdo his passion for cooking is his creativity. A true artist when it comes to creating dishes and blending flavors. Come and join countless others who have already discovered the tastes of Mona Lisa Cucina!

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    Taste of Italy

    The sultry Mediterranean mood is cultivated with care. To lose one's self within the food is, at once, blissful and rare. A taste of olives, sun, and sea can certainly be savored - making troubles slowly flee into a soul that now feels favored. With Roman style and Venetian grace...

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  • Chef Dino

    Behind the Flavors

    At age 16, Dino started making pizzas and lasagnas for his family and friends. When neighbors kept coming back for his traditional Italian cuisine, Dino realized he had a special gifts Since that first "restaurant" in his mother's kitchen, Dino has cooked all over the world and settled in Huntington Beach, CA...

    Chef Dino
  • Chef Francois

    Behind the Food

    Born in France with 2 sisters and brothers, Francois' mother, a homemaker, created amazing home cooked meals. She taught Francois and his siblings how to prepare different regional dishes. When he finished high school, he went to culinary school in Paris for 3 years and graduated in June 1969...

    Chef Francois

There's a new restaurant in town called Mona Lisa Cucina, and yes, it's a good reason to smile.

The place is slowly being discovered, and I was excited to make my second visit. Once you've stepped through the door of this charming bistro, the sophisticated, continental décor makes you forget the rundown strip mall that houses this little masterpiece. Mona Lisa opened in April, is a sister restaurant to the well known Capone's Cucina in Newland Center and is run by head chef François Lieutaud.

- OC Register

Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Cucina has been a family run restaurant in the heart of Huntington beach. Preparing fresh sauces, soups and dessert daily makes Mona Lisa Cucina a highlight of Huntington beach. We combine fresh ingredients, great recipes and friendly service at a fair price. Save room for dessert, we are known for our authentic homemade sweets. These recipes date back for generations.

Mona Lisa Cucina is a place where family and friends gather to enjoy hearty food and congenial conversation. Come and see us we'll make you feel at home!