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9017 E. Adams Avenue, Huntington Beach California (714) 965-9900

Welcome to Mona Lisa Cucina!

Come experience the exquisite tastes of Italy. Let Mona Lisa Cucina experience and mastery in the kitchen take your palette on a journey to exquisite flavors. The only thing that may outdo his passion for cooking is his creativity. A true artist when it comes to creating dishes and blending flavors. Come and join countless others who have already discovered the tastes of Mona Lisa Cucina!

Our Menu

Taste of Italy

The sultry Mediterranean mood is cultivated with care. To lose one's self within the food is, at once, blissful and rare. A taste of olives, sun, and sea can certainly be savored - making troubles slowly flee into a soul that now feels favored. With Roman style and Venetian grace...

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